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【Product Name】: bumper car on ice
【Application】:     ice bumper car is suitable for parks where has thick ice ground.
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Bumper car on ice is a special design car which is running on the specail ground ice ground, it is inspired by the skiing board. Also with two sleds under the bottom, players can drive the car run freely on the ice. It can also go left, go right, go turns on the ice, so passengers can drive the car to collide others on ice, when two cars collide together, it can make more fun than skiing. What is s more, designed with a large inflatable tire under the bottom, when cars collide together, the tire can help protect passengers from being injured, it is a good equipment for players to make a lot of enthusiasm even in the cold winter. Do you want to have a try of the amusement park rides bumper car on ice?


Warm tips: please take on your warm clothes when playing with the bumper car on ice, it may a little cold in the playground, take god care of yourselves.


Product structure

1.bumper car body with large inflatable tire;

2.comfortable seats;

3.operated battery;

4.beautiful music.



ice bumper car is suitable for parks where has thick ice ground.


Pictures of the bumper car on ice

bumper car on ice bumper car

kiddie rides bumper car amusement kiddie rides bumper car