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【Product Name】: Elephant electric rail train kiddie ride
【Application】:     kiddie ride elephant electric train is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, children parks, animal parks, squares, shopping malls etc.
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Kiddie ride elephant electric train is a new design amusement park ride, designed with elephant appearance, very attractive and beautiful in the amusement park, working on the track firmed on the ground. One train own 4 trains which can hold 4 passengers. All the cabins are made of high qualtiy material fiber reinforced plastic and steel, which is firm and durable, aslo comfortable for passengers and friendly for environment.


In Lurky, besides the elephant electric train, we have other various styles like sports car appearance, cartoon image appearance, train appearance etc. For any style, they have their lovely and attractive image. Vivid appearance and bright colors, the kiddie ride electric train is a good kids amusement ride company. When the amusement rides is working, kids can sit in the cabinets to enjoy the train running, there are also a steel wheel in the cabinets, operating the wheel seems like kids are driving the real train.


For the track of the kiddie ride elephant electric train, it can be customized according to your space area and reauirements, we have differetn track type like popular circle, oval style, B-type style, and sometimes also designed interchange 8-type track. Trains can run smoothly on any track, it just depend on your interests. And according to customers is requirements, we can also printed the track with their favorite colors. Do you want to have a try of the kiddie ride electric train?

Product structure

1.vivid attractive electric train cabins;

2.high quality track according to your space area and requirements;

3.beautiful led lights and wonderful decorations;

4.control box;

5.spare parts.



kiddie ride elephant electric train cabins, beautiful led lights and decorations, high quality material tracks, control box etc.

Technical parameter of the kiddie ride electric rail train

Product name

Luxury train




Diameter 6-8 m


4/8/14 seats







Pictue of the kiddie ride elephant electric train

kiddie ride elephant electric trainkiddie ride rail train 

electric trainkiddie ride electric train


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