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10 sets amusement kiddie rides bumper car finish production

Addtime:2015-12-19 11:14:43   Author:hnzzlurky   visited:726

Last week received an order of our amusement kiddie rides bumper car, customers said to set a bumper car playground in their children park, they found the racing car and the train always attrct a lot of kids, so that want to invest some bumper cars for a test, as bumper car rides is a popular amusement rides popular in all the parks, and invest is low, most important is have no much limitations for the players, so hope to make their park investment beginning from the bumper car. 

Totally introduce them three models bumper cars, the first is the special designed amusement kiddie rides UFO bumper car, this is mainly designed for the little kids, round shapr car body with slow speed, kids safety and interesting rides, then the battery bumper car and the ground net bumper car, they are the same body but one operated by the battery, the other need to connect with the electriciity. and battery bumper car can be charged once power used out of and if they want to change the playing place, also can be moved easily, and then the ground net bumper car,connect with electric, when want to play, directly take on the electric and then the rides speed can be adjust fast than battery, for the ground net bumper car, one work can operate well. 

Compare the price and the usage, customers chose the battery bumper car, not only an amusement kiddie rides, but also an adults rides, from last Sunday we start the production of the rides, now 10 sets is already in stock, confirm customers pictures will arrange the delivery to them, wish them have a good business with our bumper car rides. 

amusement kiddie ridesamusement kiddie rides