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Mini roller coaster amusement kiddie rides mini shuttle hot sale

Addtime:2015-11-10 13:24:42   Author:hnzzlurky   visited:817

Recently, there are customers from different countries come to ask our amusement kiddie rides mini shuttle, and asked us to introduce them about the rides and give me an economical advice for the rides. The mini shuttle rides is the small version roller coaster, besides the sliding dragon and the green worm rides for the young people and adults also the kids, the mini shuttle is more suitable for the little kids. 

The amusement kiddie rides mini shuttle contains cars rides and track two parts, the cars are designed with some lovely car shape also can be customized according to customers requirements, while the track is firmed on the ground with two rings like the sliding dragon and green worm, the track have small turn degree so that allow the cars run slowly and make good turns, also the track has short height so that can promise kids players not afraid when run on the top height. 

amusement kiddie ridesamusement kiddie rides

amusement kiddie ridesamusement kiddie rides