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Amusement kiddie rides happy car with spray ball functions

Addtime:2015-11-5 17:43:09   Author:hnzzlurky   visited:772

The little kids amusement kiddie rides now becoming more and more interesting also allow kids to make full interaction with the rides, so that can help increase kids playing interests and the joy for the rides. Just like the happy can with spray ball functions, designed with several cars set in a circle and run on the truck, while there are a fish or some other cartoon images in the middle to open a large mouth for spraying the balls, then players on the seats can use a bucket to take the balls, the more they get, the more interesting it will be. 

With this amusement kiddie rides, can not only avoid players just sit on the rides and do nothing, but also can attract them to pay more attention to the target of taking balls, and the rides work slowly so that have no much thrilling elements more suitable for the kids even the little kids, and considering some adults may worried about the kids play themselves, so that we designed the seats size and weight for an adults, then adults can play together with the little kids, to help them take the balls, safety and funny more. 

amusement kiddie ridesamusement kiddie rides

amusement kiddie ridesamusement kiddie rides