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New kiddie rides robot suitable for both kids and adults

Addtime:2015-9-18 18:51:20   Author:hnzzlurky   visited:568

According to kids requirements for the interesting amusement rides, we designed the amusement kiddie rides robot for players to have a try of operating the robot themselves, just with a robot image and rockers on the seats, for players to operate the rides by rocker, the working ways same like the lwswing car, to satisfied with players the feeling of playing with the rpbpt. 

For the amusement kiddie rides robot, it is battery operate, which is convenient for owners of the rides to control them, the battery can be charged, the rides work in the daytime and then charge them at night, convenient and easy to operate, and the rides colors also can be customized according to customers requirements, so that player can make a game with the rides, to use the color make teams, and then fight with each other, wow, an interesting experience. 

amusement kiddie ridesamusement kiddie rides

amusement kiddie ridesamusement kiddie rides