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We finished our order of our amusement rides kids excavator

Addtime:2015-9-6 15:33:18   Author:hnzzlurky   visited:627

Customers from Thailand last month sent inquiry about our amusement rides kids excavator after checking our website, he want to set the kids excavator outside his supermarket, wanted a model which can coin operate, then he could set there and do not need to pay any more workers for operating the rides there. Told him all the models of the kids excavator can be made coin operate. 

And for he set outside his supermarket, the amusement rides kids excavator rotate 90degree or 180 degree is ok, as they do not need so much space area and also have the same interesting elements like the 360 degree, and for the supermarket, we will provide the protect pool and the ocean balls for customers, so that to promise the playing environment cleaning and safety. And the rides color also can be customized according to your requirements, to help attract players for the rides also can help attract visitors for his supermarket. 

After introduction of the amusement rides kids excavator, we send pictures and detail information to customers, he said to order two sets for a check, now we make the order successfully, finished the production now, wish he will have a good benefits with our rides.

amusement rides kids excavatoramusement rides kids excavator

amusement rides kids excavatoramusement rides kids excavator