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Children news games amusement kiddie rides rotary mini roller coaster

Addtime:2015-8-19 18:14:26   Author:hnzzlurky   visited:682

For the littler kids, the large roller coaster is really a dangerous rides and too thrilling for them to have a try, but always the things we can not touch can get more about our interests. More kids want to have a try of the rides, so we introduce the amusement kiddie rides mini roller coaster, designed with sliding dragon image or the green worm image, both with attractive colors and comfortable seats, run on the track set higher on the ground, also make some decisions for players to make the whole rides same like the large roller coaster to satisfied with kids players. 

For the amusement kiddie rides mini roller coaster, we always designed with 5 cockpits 16 seats, the first and the last one with 2 seats while the middle three with 4 seats, this design to make the whole rides image more vivid and more attractive, while colors and decorations will be customized according to requirements. The truck designed with two rings for the rides run ups and downs just like the large roller coaster make the large round rings to make sure the thrilling and interesting elements for kids players, seats with safety belts and locks to promise kids safety. 

amusement kiddie ridesamusement kiddie rides